Delivery to Branch

Question: When will my order be delivered?
Answer: All orders ordered before 2PM NSW time will arrive within the following times based on state (please note rural areas may take up to an extra day)
  • NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD/TAS 24-48 hours
  • SA/WA/NT 2-3 days
Question: What if I haven’t received my order within 3 business days?
Answer: Please contact your National Account Manager and have your order number ID ready to quote. They can follow up the status of your order as long as you have the order number ID.
Question: My delivery address on the portal is wrong, how can I update this?
Answer: Please contact your national account manager with the new address. Our team will update your account within 24 hours.
Question: I accidentally selected pick-up instead of delivery, can I change this?
Answer: Unfortunately no. If the delivery method you chose is unsuitable, you will need to place a new order and process a return for the wrong order.

Store Pick Up

Question: When can my jobseeker collect a pick-up order?
Answer: Store pick-up orders can be collected within 30 minutes of placing the order. Our store staff are fully trained in the Back to Work portal and will have the order ready and waiting for your jobseeker.
Question: What does my job seeker need to collect a pick-up order from store?
Answer: Your jobseeker needs photo ID and a confirmation slip to collect their orders.
Question: Our local store isn’t on the portal, how can I add this?
Answer: If your local store isn’t on the portal, or you want to add more stores, please contact you National Account Manager and let them know which stores you need. Our team will update your account within 24 hours.
Question: I accidentally selected delivery instead of pick-up, can I change this?
Answer: Unfortunately no. If the delivery method you chose is unsuitable, you will need to place a new order and process a return for the wrong order.

Portal Products

Question: I can’t find an item my jobseeker needs, can I ask for a special order?
Answer: Unfortunately we cannot place one off special orders, however we value all product feedback. If there’s a product you need that isn’t on the portal and you think would be a valuable addition that other jobseekers would also need, please let your National Account Manager know so we can consider placing it on the portal.
Question: There’s no stock in the product I need, how long will it take to replenish?
Answer: Our stock is monitored daily to ensure we can provide you with what you need. However, if this happens it can take up to 4 days to replenish stock. If there is still no stock available, this could be a product we are discontinuing.

Exchanges & Returns

Question: Can I return or exchange any item?
Answer: Yes, all of our items are returnable and exchangeable. They must be in original condition with all tags and labels intact, and clothing not worn. Returns and Exchanges must be processed within 21 days of receiving the goods.
Question: How do I process a return or exchange?
Answer: All returns and exchanges must be processed through the Back to Work portal. Select ‘Order History’, find the jobseekers order, and complete the corresponding ‘Exchange’ form. Any other format will not be accepted.
Question: How long does it take for exchanges to arrive?
Answer: Exchange forms submitted before 2pm NSW time are dispatched that day for next business day delivery. Please allow same delivery time frame as your usual orders.
Question: When will our unwanted goods be picked up?
Answer: Once your request has been submitted through the portal, our online team will organise for a courier to come and collect the goods, at a later date within 14 days. Place the items in the return bag and print off the manifest letter and delivery label that will be emailed to you from our Internet Store, in preparation for the courier.
Question: How will returns be reflected on our monthly statement?
Answer: Monthly statements will show the original order transaction and then will have a minus transaction to show the refund. You will also receive a separate credit note that you can match up to the refund.
Question: What happens if a jobseeker tries to refund items at a store?
Answer: Our stores are fully trained on Back to Work procedures, and at no point in time will refund any items from a jobseeker. All refunds requests need to come from the provider through the portal.
Question: Can I get my jobseeker to return the products?
Answer: No. All returns and exchanges must be processed through the portal by an employment consultant. This is to ensure it is processed properly and that funds are returned to your Lowes 30 day account.
Question: My jobseeker has left the program, can I return their order?
Answer: Yes. If you no longer require the goods for any reason they can be returned, as long as they are in original condition, with all tags and labels, haven’t been worn, and fall within the 21 days of receiving them.
Question: Can I exchange goods at a local Lowes store?
Answer: Yes and no. Our Lowes stores only stocks men’s work and interview wear, so these can be exchanged at store level. All our ladies wear and speciality wear (i.e. hospitality, community services, traffic control, etc.) cannot be exchanged in store and must be done through the Back to Work portal exchange form.
Question: My goods turned up faulty, can I get it returned or exchanged?
Answer: Any item that is faulty due to manufacturing can be returned or exchanged for a full refund.
Question: The courier arrived for my exchange/return but we did not have the goods ready, can we rebook?
Answer: If the exchange/return is not ready by your designated courier collection time you will receive a rebooking fee of $15 charged to your account. Please ensure all staff are aware of any exchanges/returns in case the person who lodged it is away on the date of collection. For rebooking’s please email